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Melbourne based practice, Joshua Khoury Podiatry endeavour's to create a holistic and patient directed approach to care. We strive for result-based treatment, grounded in clinical reasoning and evidenced based practice.

Our clinicians maintain yearly AHPRA registration and upkeep CPD by engaging with the latest literature and clinical techniques. 

We maintain that the patient hold's the key to their own resolution and we strive to work with you towards achieving your goals.

Please feel free to contact us through our Facebook page or directly via mobile.

Any question or queries would be gladly received.

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General and specific podiatric assessment

Foot health though undoubtedly important is too often overlooked. In order to adequately ensure that foot and lower limb issues are abated or at a minimum well controlled, specific examinations need to be carried out. These include but are not limited to neurovascular assessment, biomechanical examination, gait analysis and strength and neuromuscular control.


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Ph. 0400 527 388


Ph. 0400 527 388

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